Slow Colorless Stare

1. Touch
2. Response
3. Channel
4. Opaque
5. Variance
6. Faded Song
7. Empty Roads

Safranin Sound SAF001 – 2001
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

Slow Colorless Stare Album Cover

Angelica Take Me Down

1. Angelica Take Me Down
2. Channel (Beau Revere Mix)
3. Euqapo
4. Never Go Away

Safranin Sound SAF002-003 – 2003
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

There are two cover versions of this single. The one shown is the original spray paint version that was a free give away at the Galaxy Hut show we did with The Rosebuds. It came with a pocket sized sleeve of credits. The second version featured a image still from Repulsion.

Angelica Take Me Down


1. Angelica Take Me Down
2. Silvers Sleep Walk
3. Everyday Is Fall
4. Translucent

Safranin Sound SAF004 – 2004
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

Half of this EP was lost in a hard drive crash and we had to redo the songs. The end result still captures the immediacy we were going for at the time, everything is maxed out or blown out. There’s a mix Matt and I did of Everyday Is Fall that is much tamer than these mixes but Sam and Matt did the final mixes here and with the remasters on Collection, I tried to bring out more of the gnarly details that are in the mid-high range.
Kim Reid who first appears on Fall Behind EP and then the Self Titled did the art, spray painted stencils and the CDR was jet black (none more black).

Translucent Album Cover

Silvers Sleep Walk

1. Silvers Sleep Walk
2. Fall Behind (Live)
3. Everyday Is Fall (Live)
4. Joy

Safranin Sound SAF005 – 2004
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

The two live songs are from a live performance on Third Rail Radio at WMUC 88.1 University of Maryland. It’s where we mixed Slow Colorless Stare and recorded Translucent. I think we did two sessions here, the other was with Drone Dimension and I remember the vocals on those recordings are almost non-existent in the mix. This mix they’re rather loud for our typical mix settings. Joy was the first song we did at the home studio Matt and Sam were building. It’s a Slowdive cover of one of their unreleased songs. I remember talking to Robin from AC30 in London and he was doing a comp of shoegaze stuff and I pitched our cover and he said no because no one knew it which we thought was funny cos it was like cult status in the States among all the emerging shoegaze bands. It’s a phenomenal song.
Sam provided the photo for the cover that was turned into a silkscreen by me. The ink was metallic and different colors and the art was 3 panels so you could put it on a wall.

Silvers Sleep Walk Album Cover

Fall Behind

1. Fall Behind
2. A Strange Day
3. Fall Behind (Edit)
4. Darkest Days

Safranin Sound SAF006 – 2005
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Kim Reid,
Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

A Strange Day was our first Cure cover which is funny because Matt and I grew up together and pretty much learned to play guitar and synths by covering Cure songs. It was fun to do this one. Sam’s edit of Fall Behind is engulfing and Darkest Days is the first song where Kim joins in on synths.
Art was again photos by Sam with manipulation and layout by Jake. This is also the main font we’d use for the band “logo.”

Alcian Blue

1. Horizons
2. 71705
3. You Just Disappear
4. Night Sky
5. Frozen Sleep
6. Caroline
7. This Day This Age
8. Turn Away
9. See You Shine
10. Terminal Escape

Elephant Stone ES1015 – 2006
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Kim Reid, Matt Welch

This is the record we released after Clark had left the band and Kim joined and we had a drum machine. Our friend Tim Rollins took the photo for the cover and we used a metallic ink for the print, I love this cover.
Elephant Stone released this, that is Arabella Proffer and Ben Vendetta who are both wonderful people. They were like way way ahead of everyone else here on the shoegaze tip and we were happy to have a label help us release this.

Self Titled Cover

Years Too Late

1. A Faded Smile
2. Years Too Late
3. Fall Behind
4. Spiral
5. Carousel

Safranin Sound SAF013 – 2007
Sam Chintha, Jake Reid, Clark Stacy, Matt Welch

This EP was recorded before the Self Titled album and before Clark left. We had been playing these songs live for a while and the recordings really reflect that. We’d also finally settled a bit into the home studio. The photo is by a friend of Sam’s named Luke Gardner. I remember Sam sending me the photo and I thought it was the perfect photo compared to some of the stuff I had in mind which was a bit too on the nose goth.

Years Too Late Album Cover